Gymnastics, Tumbling & Acrobatics

EVO Athletics offers gymnastics classes for both men and women of all ages, skill levels and commitment ability.  From the beginner to the advanced competitor, our gymnastics programs are focused on your child’s strength, development, flexibility, endurance, coordination, balance and speed. We also offer specialized tumbling classes which focus solely on floor skills. Below, you will find information on the following gymnastics classes:

  • Tumbling
  • Acro for Dancers
  • Toddler Gymnastics
  • Girl’s Recreational Gymnastics
  • Boy’s Recreational Gymnastics
  • Adult Gymnastics
  • Home school options
  • Team Competitive Gymnastics


Beginner Recreational Tumbling

$75/month *registered EVO members

5 yrs and up, co-ed

This class is also good for athletes that need to improve in order to move to intermediate classes.

Intermediate Recreational Tumbling

$75/month *registered EVO members

5 yrs and up, co-ed

In this Class Athletes will work on the skills needed to develop and improve the standing and running back handspring.

Advanced / Elite Recreational Tumbling

$75/month *registered EVO members

5 yrs and up, co-ed

In this class athletes will work on the skills needed to master tucks thru double fulls.

ACRO Tumbling for Dance

$75/month *registered EVO members

5 yrs and up, co-ed

Beginner Tumbling. No Experience Necessary.

Toddler Gymnastics

Gymbies (Mommy & Me)

$62/month *registered EVO members

walking/12 months – 3yrs, co-ed, adult participation required;

45 minute class

Parent participation required. Children will learn basic gymnastics & social skills.

Mighty Brave Warrior

$75/month  *registered EVO members

3-4yrs. *child must be 3 before the start of the class  

co-ed: 60 min. class 

While still having the preschool experience, we prepare students for our recreational level emphasizing development of coordination and gymnastics skills!

Toddler Open Gym – Funday Playday

  • Wednesdays from 11am-12pm. *Times and days subject to change.


Walking – 5yrs, co-ed

Enjoy supervised open gym time with your youngsters.  The kids will enjoy climbing, rolling, swinging, & jumping!

Girl’s Recreational Gymnastics

Level 1 –  Girls Recreational Gymnastics – Beginner

$90/month  *registered EVO members

5-8 year old options & 9+ year old options, no experience necessary; 1 hour and 10 minute class

Beginner class works basic skills on all Olympic events; Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Floor Exercise.

Level 2 – Girls Recreational Gymnastics – Advanced Beginner

$90/month  *registered EVO members

7 years and up, no experience necessary; 1 hour and 10 minute class

This level is for gymnast with some experience/knowledge of cartwheel, backward roll, and pull over on bars. Or evaluated by an instructor.

Level 3 –  Girls Recreational Gymnastics – Intermediate

$90/month  *registered EVO members

8 years and up, readiness evaluated by instructor; 1 hour and 10 minute class

7 years old and up. Previous experience/knowledge of roundoff, back bend, handstand to bridge, pullover and back hip circle on bars, handstand on beam, handstand flat back on Vault.

Or evaluated by an instructor.

Level 4 – Girls Recreational Gymnastics – Advanced

$90/month  *registered EVO members

6 years and up, no experience necessary; 1 hour and 10 minute class

7 years and up. Previous experience/knowledge of back walkover and back handspring on floor.  Glide return to stand, squat on, shoot through on bars, and cartwheel on beam.  Or evaluate by an instructor.

Boy’s Recreational Gymnastics

Boys Beginners

$90/month  *registered EVO members

5 years and up, no experience necessary; 1 hour and 10 minute class

Beginner class works basic skills on all Olympic events; Vault, Parallel Bars, High Bar, Floor Exercise, and Pommel.

Boys Intermediate/Advanced

$90/month  *registered EVO members

7 years and up, readiness evaluated by instructor; 1 hour and 10 minute class

Gymnasts who master the Beginner Level skills will be invited to participate in the Intermediate/Advanced level.  Introduction to  skills like round offs, backbends, front and back walkovers on floor, back handsprings, handstands and cartwheels on beam.  More advanced skills on rings and parallel bars are also introduced.

Team Competitive Gymnastics

Official USAG Men’s & Woman’s Competitive Gymnastics

4 years and up, *by invitation only* 1-5 days per week

Our premier competitive league for the serious gymnast. Pre-Team through aspiring Elites, Evo Gymnastics offers all levels of competition within the Women and Men’s Artistic programs of USA Gymnastics (USAG). USAG athletes can qualify for state, regional and national competitions.

EVO Athletic’s Clayton Spencer fought hard at the 2016 Junior Olympic National Championship and is now ranked 10th best All-around level 10 Gymnast in the United States by USA Gymnastics. EVO Athletic’s Grazia Fricano is also announced as USA Gymnastics Region 8 Xcel Platinum 1st place All-Around, 1st place Vault, 1st place Bars, 1st place Floor Champion and 2nd Place Balance Beam Champion. Congrats Clayton and Grazia! Thanks for representing EVO with hard work, dedication and class.



EVO Athletics is proud to offer its customers a wide variety of options for additional training. Private training sessions are a great option for youth & adult athletes needing 1-on-1 coaching. Personal training is offered in all EVO programs including but not limited to: gymnastics, cheerleading, tumbling, volleyball, ninja warrior & adult fitness.

Instructors may charge an additional fee for 2 athletes. Three athletes are not permitted in our EVO personal training program options.

Athletes must be EVO members and have a current EVO Annual Registration Fee & signed waiver in the EVO Parent Portal.

Adult personal training is reserved for EVOfit members only.

Visiting athletes have the option to become EVO members by paying the Annual Registration Fee OR pay an additional $5 per 30 minutes session (collected by the coach).

All athletes that are not affiliated with EVO and live within 100 miles of our location must be approved by the instructor’s Director prior to the session through email.

1. SCHEDULING   Instructors manage their schedules. Please refer to the list below for available Instructor’s contact information. Check with instructors for personal cancelation policies.

2. SIGN IN   Please sign in at the front desk prior to training.

3. PAYMENT    All payments will be made to the instructor. Each instructor will decide approved methods of payments & training cost.

*registered EVO members have paid their annual $50 registration fee.  This fee covers insurances and is transferable to all EVO Athletics’ programs including Ninja Warrior, classes, camps, teams, after school care. 

Questions about any of our gymnastics programs... contact us directly!