Angel Rice is coming to EVO!

Angel Rice on the Today Show. 

Guinness World Record holder, Olympic training power tumbler & 2X World’s Champion – Angel Rice – will be hosting clinics throughout EVO’s One Year Anniversary Event!  We have organized 3 exclusive one hour tumbling clinics. Each clinic will include meet-and-greet time with our star.  SPACE IS VERY LIMITED: No more than 40 athletes per clinic will be permitted.  This helps ensure every athlete time with Angel.  Select athletes will also be invited to attend a tumbling competition “So You Think You Can Tumble” with judging by Angel Rice. Clinics are organized based on skill level.

Clinic 1

12pm-1pm: Beginners. All skill levels welcome. $50

Clinic 2

1:45pm-2:45pm: Athletes must have a standing and running back handspring BEFORE the clinic. $50

Clinic 3

3:15pm-4:15pm: This clinic is designed to give high level athletes training time with Angel. Athletes must have a standing tuck and a round-off back handspring layout to enter the clinic. $50

20% OFF for early registration! Use promo code: earlybirdspecial at checkout.

Beginner Recreational Tumbling

$75/month *registered EVO members

5 yrs and up, co-ed

This class is also good for athletes that need to improve in order to move to intermediate classes.

Intermediate Recreational Tumble

$75/month *registered EVO members

5 yrs and up, co-ed

In this class Athletes will work on the skills needed to develop and improve the standing and running back handspring.

Advanced / Elite Recreational Tumbling

$75/month *registered EVO members

5 yrs and up, co-ed

In this class athletes will work on the skills needed to master tucks through double fulls.

ACRO Tumbling for Dance

$75/month *registered EVO members

5 yrs and up, co-ed

Beginner Tumbling. No Experience Necessary.

EVO Cheer Stunt

$90/month *registered EVO members

5 yrs and up, co-ed

Working on all stunting skills, small intimate classes are designed to enhance any level flyer and basing skills. Elite athletes will be working the class to complete a full stunt group.


Official USASF Competitive Cheerleading

4 yrs and up, co-ed; *Athletes are placed on a team after evaluation. 

Our premier competitive league for serious cheerleaders. We recognize cheerleading as a sport and train all of our athletes accordingly.  It is our mission to add value to each individual athlete by teaching skills that will build confidence, self-control and sportsmanship.  For more information, please fill out the form below or call 941-222-0888.

*registered EVO members have paid their annual $50 registration fee.  This fee covers insurances and is transferable to all EVO Athletics’ programs including Ninja Warrior, classes, camps, teams, after school care. 

Cheer question? Contact us directly!