Why EVO?

EVO Athletics is not a chain or a big-box gym. Our philosophy is simple: we make being fit fun, rewarding and entertaining for the entire family.

We are proud to promote a healthy lifestyle through the best coaches, convenient and clean facilities, state-of-the-art equipment, a range of fun and inspirational programs, and athletic activities that provide an exceptional and unique value to our community.

Our goal is to give you and your child the opportunity to grow in an environment that is especially designed for happiness, comfort and health. Communication is important, as we have an open-door policy for all athletes and parents. We promise to always listen and take care of your needs and requests to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Below is a selection of EVO Athletics benefits and answers to a few common questions.

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My child is new to athletics. Is EVO right for him/her?

Yes! Our coaches and staff welcome athletes of all ages and abilities. From beginner to advanced, we develop specialized programs that fit each individual’s goals.

Do you have open enrollment?

Yes, we do. You may enroll your child at ANY time during the year.

How do I know what level my child is?

We offer a FREE trial class in which we evaluate his/her abilities. After they are enrolled, they will remain in that level until they are nominated to move up to the next level according to their instructor.

What does my child wear to class?

Girls: leotard or shorts, t-shirts, tank, sweat pants, etc. (Any kind of workout attire is acceptable)

 Boys: shorts, t-shirts, tank, sweat pants, etc. (Any kind of workout attire is acceptable)

What is the difference between a recreational class and competitive training?

A recreational class is an hour-long class that meets X. Our team training classes, depending on the level, meet from X-XX hours per week. In competitive training, your child will not only learn and perfect skills, but will put those skills in to routines for competition. EVO team gymnasts and cheerleaders compete at local, state, regional and national levels.

I like to workout while my child trains. Does EVO have equipment I can use?

Absolutely! Our facilities are designed to help families achieve their fitness goals. For parents, this means access to state-of-the-art equipment in a clean, welcoming environment. When you’re done breaking a sweat, cool down with a beverage from our healthy café or relax on our comfy recliners.

How experienced are the EVO staff & coaches

Our staff and coaches are certified, experienced and highly trained in multiple sports. Driven by the core belief that one size does not fit all, our team combines their knowledge, experience and passion to offer the highest quality training with proven results.

Am I allowed to bring guests to the gym?

Families are permitted to bring up to X guests with each visit to enjoy access to our facilities. Please make sure your guests are signed in before using any equipment.

I have a suggestion/concern to share with my child’s coach. How do I go about addressing this?

Our coaches will always try to make themselves available at the beginning and the end of any session for you to talk to them. They are all very approachable and will do what they can to help you.

During the sessions our coaches should not be interrupted. Parents must leave the coaching to the coaches and not interfere, as our team requires full attention at all times.

What are your hours?

EVO Athletics is open M-S, X – X