EVO Athletics and CORA Physical Therapy are pleased to announce a partnership to provide onsite Certified Athletic Training at EVO!  Join us in welcoming Travis Jehs, Head CORA Athletic Trainer!

Travis, born and raised in Florida, graduated from the University of North Florida with a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Athletic Training. While studying at UNF, Travis gained experience as a student athletic trainer for two high schools covering a wide range of sports. Additionally, while at UNF, he supported collegiate and professional levels with the Jacksonville Jaguars, Jacksonville Armada and the UNF Baseball team.

In his first year following graduation, Travis interned as Athletic Trainer for the NBA Houston Rockets.  Following his internship, Travis returned home to Tampa Bay to join CORA Physical Therapy as its Head Athletic Trainer at EVO Athletics.  Outside of work Travis enjoys being on the water or at the beach with his girlfriend.

We all recognize that injuries can be a part of athletic participation.  The CORA-EVO partnership establishes a vital in-house resource and process enabling many benefits to EVO athletes including:

  • Onsite injury evaluations
  • Specialized treatment for injurie
  • Athletic and Kinesiology Taping, and more…

These services will be in cooperation with Pediatric Orthopedist Dr. Sugar of Sugar Orthopedics.  Travis will be onsite at EVO Monday, Wednesday and Fridays 3pm to 6pm.  During these time when injury occurs, Travis will immediately triage the situation and evaluate the severity of injury to determine the proper care plan. This may include, but is not limited to taping, icing, strength testing, ligamentous stress testing, balance testing, and neurocognitive testing (to rule out concussion).

The Health and wellbeing of all of our athletes is top priority.

At no time will an athlete be evaluated or treated by a CORA Trainer (in training room or anywhere) without an additional supervising adult present (such an EVO coach or staff person).

Injury Response & Triage Process:

  • If determined to be a medical emergency 911 will be activated.  The athlete will be stabilized as appropriate until emergency medical services arrive.  Parents/guardians will be notified as soon as practicable.
  • If determined to be a non-emergency, Travis will complete an initial evaluation and call the parent/guardian to discuss a care plan.  This plan may include: temporary participation until it is deemed safe your child to return to participation.  follow up with Dr. Sugar, referral to formal physical therapy, an ongoing treatment program,

CORA Physical Therapy is honored to become a part of the EVO community, and looks forward to delivering the highest possible sports medicine services to all members of the EVO family!

Please do not hesitate to call EVO or CORA for additional information: (941) 960-4741 or visit CORA’s local care center at 6150 N Lockwood Ridge Rd, Sarasota, FL 34243   https://corahealth.com/clinics/north-sarasota.asp


CORA Policy

CORA Physical Therapy’s top priority is the safety and well-being of your athletes. Our goal is to provide a professional, high-quality sports medicine team while building healthy relationships with our athletes and their families. Listed below are the CORA Athletic Training Room rules and policies:

  • No athlete is ever to be alone in the CORA Athletic Training Room at any time.
  • No athlete is ever to be alone with an Athletic Trainer at any time.
  • Parents/guardians are welcome to be present at all treatments and evaluations.
  • The blinds and doors of the CORA Athletic Training Room are only to be closed if the parent/guardian of the athlete being treated is present.
  • Parents/guardians will be notified by phone within 24 hours if their child has an evaluation or treatment by an Athletic Trainer.
  • All females must wear shorts over their leotards while in the CORA Athletic Training Room.
  • All males must wear a shirt while in the CORA Athletic Training Room.
  • All CORA Physical Therapy employees undergo an extensive background check before employment and any contact with patients.

If you ever have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact any of the people listed below:

  • Travis Jehs, LAT, ATC – Head Athletic Trainer – (727) 967-8703 – Tjehs@corahealth.com
  • Brenda Harrison – Operations and Marketing Director – (941) 222-088 – Brenda.harrison@evoathletics.com
  • Bryan Anderson, MS, ATC – Regional Sports Medicine Coordinator – (813) 557-5598 – Banderson@corahealth.com

CORA Physical Therapy is proud to be the sports medicine provider for EVO Athletics and we look forward to a great future!