Policies and Guidelines

EVO Athletics proudly provides recreational and athletic enrichment opportunities through quality programs and services. Our Policies and Guidelines are designed to deliver on and manage the promise of maintaining a high-quality facility with a focus on the safety and satisfaction of all EVO athletes, coaches, staff and parents/guardians.

Please take the time to review the EVO Athletics Policies and Guidelines below. Items listed herein may change as deemed necessary by management.

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Code of Conduct

All EVO Athletics staff members are required to abide by the EVO Athletics Code of Conduct as well as the code of conduct for USA Gymnastics, USA Volleyball, US All Star Federation and Florida Department of Children and Families.


A parent or guardian must fill out a registration form, pay tuition and sign both the registration form (or via the web) and the policies sheet to have their child enrolled.

Please note: There will be a $10 service fee if the auto pay option is not selected.

Mid-month enrollments will be prorated.

Please notify the office of any changes to your contact and credit card information as soon as possible.


Tuition is based on an average of four weeks per month. No additional charges will incur for those months with extra class days. Conversely, credit will not be given for those months with less class days due to holidays. Please refer to our calendar of events for a complete list of holidays. Siblings will each receive 20% off tuition.

Tuition is paid the first day of each month. A valid credit or debit card is required for registration.

All students are automatically enrolled each month until the session end. Summer session requires a re-enrollment and is not automatic. You may withdraw and re-enroll at any time throughout the year (written notice of withdrawal is required 30 days prior to the start of the next month).

A late fee of $10.00 will be assessed for a late payment. If a payment is 15 days late, you will be contacted and your child may not be allowed to participate in the program payment is received and your child is reinstated.

A $50.00 registration fee is required for all gymnastics participants. This is an annual fee that is renewed each anniversary.

Credit will not be given due to missed classes. Please see our absence policy. We do offer make-ups for missed classes (see Make-Up Policy). There are no tuition adjustments for missed classes.


EVO accepts cash, personal checks, VISA, MasterCard, and can set up automatic monthly credit card withdrawals. Third party checks are NOT accepted.

There is a $25.00 handling fee for retuned checks, plus any bank fees incurred by EVO.

More than two (2) transactions with not-sufficient funds (NSF) will require a one-month security deposit and a valid credit card on file.


General Rule – Be sure your child is dressed properly for class. Your child needs to be able to move their arms and legs freely. Please, no tights.

Girls may wear leotards or shorts and a tucked-in t-shirt.

Boys should wear shorts (no denim) and a tucked-in t-shirt.

Jewelry, jeans, and watches are not allowed during class. Stud earrings are allowed, no dangles.

If your child (boys & girls) has hair long enough to reach their shoulders, it must be completely pulled back.

You may wear socks – bare feet are preferable.

Free Trial

During free trial, please sign your child up for the class that corresponds to his or her age or skill level if they previously participated in gymnastics.

Our skilled coaches will evaluate your child during their first class and make changes according to their skills.

Remember: It is much harder for a child to move down than it is to move them up.

Make Up

Recreational Class Make ups:
(Ages 5-18 years)
All Girls & Boys Gymnastics, Ninja, Volleyball and Tumbling recreational classes can be made up during Youth Open Gym Friday Nights from 7:30-9:30pm. Once your child has missed their class, they have one month to attend our Youth Open Gym at no cost. This is 2 hours of supervised unstructured time where children can practice their skills and have fun exploring all that EVO has to offer.
Gymbies or Mighty Brave Warrior Make ups:
(Ages 12 months /walking to 4 years)
All Gymbies or Mighty Brave Warrior classes can be made up during one of our Toddler Open Gyms which are Wednesdays 11:00am-12:00pm and/or Fridays 5:45pm-6:45pm. Once your child has missed their class, they have one month to attend our Toddler Open Gym at no cost. Toddler Open Gym meets for 1 hour and is a supervised unstructured time with wedge mats, barrels, blocks, beams, bars and tumble trak. Parents of Gymbies are required to attend the open gym with their child (no charge).
Coaches are available for assistance during all Open Gyms. When you arrive to EVO for your Makeup Open Gym, please see the front office so they can verify that you have missed a class within one month; once verified, you will receive your Open Gym wristband. Makeup Open Gyms are not transferable to another student or family member. Makeup Open Gyms will not be permitted after 30 days.

Level Advancement

In gymnastics, as in all activities, children progress at different rates. At EVO, we do not push athletes to advance faster than they are capable of advancing, nor do we hold athletes back if they are progressing faster than their teammates.

When an athlete has mastered the skills necessary to progress to the next level, we will contact the parents/guardian to extend the invitation to move up to the next class. Our main goal is to see each athlete progress to whatever level he or she desires in a fun and safe manner.

Gymnastics is a sport that requires repetitive training. In order to progress to more advanced skills, students must first master the basic skills.

Mastering a skill with proper form and technique requires practice. We believe in teaching solid basics and proper progressions, so that the children learn how to perform skills safely and efficiently.

When your child is ready to advance, the coach will record in your child’s skills book. Bring this card to the front desk and the staff will help you to enroll in the next level.

Please understand that if a space is not available in the next level at a convenient time, you may put your child’s name on a waiting list. Your child is then encouraged to continue attending their current class until the office staff notifies you of an available space.

Private Lessons

Private lessons are available on a limited, first-come, first-served basis and must be scheduled in advance. All athletes must be registered, in good standing and have a waiver form on file.

The fee for private lessons is $30/hour plus coaches fee, which is different based on each coaches level of experience.

Semi-private lessons are available for up to three (3) children at the same rates as private lessons and must be scheduled. If seeking training for more than three (3) athletes, and regular class schedules are not available, see management to inquire about having a class created that will better meet your needs.

Pick-Up Policy

Please list adults that are allowed to pick up your child on your registration form.

Inform the front desk if you know in advance that someone on your allowed list is planning on picking up rather than the regular adult.


If you know that your child will be absent from class due to an illness, please call us ahead of time. We are then able to leave a note for the instructor to let them know your child will be absent.

Preparation & Cooperation

Your attitude determines your altitude. Make sure it’s a GREAT ONE!

Every gymnast should be prepared to work hard.

Each gymnast should be prepared for class 10 minutes before their class is to start.

Upon arrival, your child must place all their items in a cubby located behind the reception area.

Please encourage the younger children to use the restrooms prior to class so they do not lose valuable class time.

Attendance will be taken before each class.

Each class begins with warm-ups. This is a very important part of gymnastics to prevent injury. Therefore, be sure to arrive a few minutes early so your child does not miss warm-ups.

Please allow our instructors to instruct the class and your child. There is a progressive curriculum and skills for each level. Do not try to talk to your child during class. It is important for them to keep their focus and attention on the class goals.

Viewing Area etiquette; ,First row seating in viewing area is reserved for families / guardians of recreational athletes.

Cancellation & Refunds

It is important that you give a 30-day notice to our office if your child is unable to continue in a class. We consider a student enrolled until you notify us of any changes. Because many of our classes are filled and have waiting lists, we will continue to bill your account until we are notified of withdrawal.

NO REFUNDS. However, we will credit your count for an illness or disability with a doctor’s note.

Facility Rules

Lost Items

We are NOT responsible for lost items, this include items lost inside the facility and on the premises in general, i.e parking lot.

Valuable items should not be brought to the gym.

Please check our lost and found if you lose or forget an item.


Parents, please come in to drop off and pick up your children. We will insist that all children wait inside for their rides.


Food, drinks and gum are NOT allowed on the gym floor.

When eating in the lobby, please help keep the area clean.

Please eat in designated areas only.

Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, EVO shall be closed if Manatee County public schools are closed. If school is canceled, EVO will remain closed all day – regardless of conditions.

There will be no refunds given for gym closings, including holidays and inclement weather.

Allergies & Medical Conditions

We happily accept any child regardless of allergies or medical conditions. However, we ask that you let our front desk know if your child has any sort of special needs.

We have a separate medical waiver for you to fill out telling us how to handle your child’s medical conditions or allergies. You MUST let us know, so that your child’s instructor is aware of the issue.

General Safety

Only registered students are allowed on the gymnastics floor and athletic activity areas.

Children must be escorted into and out of the gym by an adult, and must be accompanied by a coach when on the gym floor.

Students are not allowed to wait in the parking lot.

Parents watch classes from the waiting areas and are only allowed in the gym area when accompanying children enrolled, or during birthday parties.

EVO reserves the right to remove students from the gym area if they are deemed to be a danger to themselves or others arising from disobedience, bullying and defiant or disrespectful behavior. Please ask at the front desk for a copy of our discipline policy for more detailed information.

We do not encourage or support unsupervised training outside of our facility without a proper coach. Your coach is happy to provide conditioning and stretching exercises.

To utilize the facility, all participants must be registered, have a waiver on file and pay associated fees.

Athletics Area Rules

General Rules

Make sure your child arrives on time for the scheduled lesson. Warm-up is an important part of gymnastics to prevent injury.

Once your child’s class has begun, parents are encouraged to stay. We have encased viewing available on the lower level and extra viewing on the upper level. To reach the upper level, please access the steps located to the left of the lower viewing level.

This is a smoke-free environment. Thank you in advance for not smoking inside the building or on the premises!

No parent is allowed on the gym floor unless escorted by staff member or coach.

We have chairs set up for parents to view classes. For the safety of your children and for insurance reasons, anyone (including siblings) not participating in a class MUST remain in the designated viewing area. Parents & siblings are not permitted on the gymnastics equipment/mats (Parent participation classes is the only exception).

We are not equipped to supervise children before or after class.

Open Gym Rules

NO food, gum, or beverage of any kind allowed in gym area.

Equipment must be used as intended.

No throwing equipment or rough housing.

The climbing rope and rings should be kept stationary and not used to swing on.

Parents, please come in to drop off or pick up your children. We insist on all children waiting inside for their rides. Please be prompt in picking your child up.

To ensure a pleasant experience for all guests, we reserve the right to remove any guest who is exhibiting improper behavior (yelling/screaming/horseplay/fighting, etc.),

Do not try new skills at open gym. Work on skills you know.

Trampoline Rules

Trampoline MUST be supervised at all times.

Only one person on the trampoline at a time.

Listen to directions – Make sure you understand what skill you are attempting.

No “Horse Play” or “Fooling Around.”

No bouncing or jumping off trampoline onto the floor.

Avoid bouncing too high. Stay in control.

DO NOT exceed your ability level. Ask an instructor if you want to try a new skill.

Pit Rules

Make sure pit is clear of people and objects before entering.

NO head-first entries.

Always land on feet, seat or back as if sitting in a chair.

Make sure area is properly fluffed.

DO NOT pick foam.

DO NOT land with straight legs – land with legs bent and apart.

DO NOT bury yourself in the pit. Keep your head above the pit foam at all times.

Team Athletes

Upon arrival, your child needs to place all their items in the team lockers.

Tardiness is not acceptable. Frequent tardiness may result in disciplinary actions, including parent meetings or suspension.


Our goal in training athletes is to build the character qualities of determination, endurance, time management and self-confidence as we strive for excellence in all skills and routines. We don’t want our athletes to feel that their value is based on their skill level or the award they win or don’t win. We are very proud of them for working hard at practice and doing their best at every class – even if they make a mistake. Don’t compare yourself to others.

Parents are expected to have excellent sportsmanship at all times. Please refrain from negative comments about any other gymnast, team or coach. Encourage everyone!

Please allow our instructors to instruct the class and your child – there is a progressive curriculum and skills for each level. Do not try to talk to your child during class. It is important for them to keep their focus and attention on the class goals.

For your convenience, we have free Wi-Fi.

Need to work out? We also have adult work out facility, you must register in order to participate and have waiver on file.
Not pets allowed in the facility or premise, only registered, active service dogs are allowed.