US Olympic Coach Aimee Boorman

US Olympic Coach and EVO Athletics Executive Director of Women’s Gymnastics & Elite Coordinator, Aimee Boorman’s Official Statement on the future of USA Gymnastics

“Without a doubt, we are all outraged by the situation at USA Gymnastics.  Today, we must decide what comes next.  We need to ask ourselves: Do we give up on an organization that was founded on honorable values; an organization that has been positively impacting young athletes since 1963; or do we put in the time and effort to rebuild it, to take back what is rightfully ours?

I do not believe that the reprehensible decisions of a few should be permitted to erase the positive impact that USA Gymnastics has had in the past and can absolutely have again. There is no doubt that we will face enormous challenges, but I believe that there is immense value in restoring USA Gymnastics to its past dignity and greatness, and I stand behind that challenge.

First and foremost, the governing board must be filled with morally and ethically sound members, willing and able to put our athletes first, above all else.  Only then can we move towards the future.

Rebuilding our organization will set an excellent example for our athletes: an example of pride, an example of leadership and most importantly, an example of standing up for what is right.  We can and will take back the organization we have invested our time and passion in.

As leaders in this industry, we have a great opportunity before us to teach our athletes that even though evil exists in this world, evil will not win.  We can teach them that injustice can be used as fuel for change and that positivity can and will grow again, even after the darkest of hours.”